:: The Shy Demi-Goddess ::

Maia was the oldest of the seven daughters of Atlas and Pleione. She was very shy and so she didn't hang around Mount Olympus, partying with the rest of the gods. Instead, she lived up in the mountains (in a cave, of all things) so she wouldn't have to keep up with the whole god/goddess social whirl - truly a woman after my own heart.

But, just because she lived all alone in a cave didn't mean Maia wasn't having fun. In the dead of night, Zeus, the King of the Gods, would come to visit her and they would make love all night long. (Hey, the wench knew what she was about.)

After nine months of delicious god sex, Maia gave birth to the god Hermes (known in Roman mythology as Mercury) who, the first day he was born, stole a bunch of cattle from Apollo and hid them in his mom's cave - no doubt gave his poor, shy mother gray hair ever after, not to mention the cleaning problems.

Anyway, later on she is, with her sisters, a companion to Artemis when the hunter Orion spots the group of sisters and begins to persue them relentlessly. The sisters plead for help with the clueless Orion from Zeus. The King of the Gods took pity on them, turning the sisters first into a flock of doves, and then setting them among the stars, where they became the constellation known as the Pleiades (or the Seven Sisters.)

Maia is my avatar because she shares so many of my own personal characteristics: extreme shyness, reluctance in social situations, although with very, very good one-on-one people skills (especially when the guy is both god-like and interested!)