I am a pervy elf fancier. Go me.
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The Official Movie Site - elvish e-cards and more

TheOneRing.net - huge fansite with a vast amount of info

Tyalie Tyelellieva - site dedicated to Elvish Languages

Ardalambion - large site dedicated to Elvish

Tolkien's Languages in FOTR - all the Elvish heard in FOTR!

A downloadable course in Quenya - start your lessons here

The Sindarin Dictionary - On-line and searchable

Quenya Wordlist - good site for learning High Elven

Useful Elvish Phrases - learn to say "Get a life!" in Quenyan

q u e n y a l a p s e p a r m a - what's your name in Quenyan?

The Elfling List - Yahoo! mailing list for Elvish Linguistics

ElfSlutsAnonymous - fun, over-18 list for Elf Lovers

Tolkien's Heraldry - a site with information on heraldic devices that Tolkien devised for both Elves and Men.


link Imladris.nu:

Bow and Bloom - Pluto's lovely shrine to Legolas & Orlando

Elf Fetish - Claudio's lovely site with Elf images, fic, analysis

Twin Stars of Imladris - An Elladan/Elrohir site


Elrond sites: