She's stunningly beautiful and amazingly talented. A better archer than Legolas, more powerfully magic than Gandalf, and a single crystalline tear from her mysteriously-hued eyes can bring Boromir back from the dead. More importantly, every attractive male in Middle-Earth finds himself irresitibly, drawn to her fragile and/or fiesty beauty.

She's Mary Sue, LOTR style, and she's reached epidemic proportions, endangering canon characters's reasons for existing and causing them to behave in wildly out-of-character ways.

Who is this insidious parasite, who feeds on Legolas's declarations of undying love and a steady diet of gushing reviews from her author's friends?

Read on - knowledge is power.

It may seem a bit odd for a slash writer to hold an interest in Mary Sue fiction. To be sure, you will never see me authoring any fics where I mysteriously appear in Middle-Earth, where Legolas finds me in a swoon as he wanders through Mirkwood, only to instantly fall in love with me in a way so profound he doesn't understand it himself but is helpless to resist - oh, you get the idea. I also won't be joining any Mary Sue societies or mailing lists, and yet, the genre itself is fascinating to me, perhaps because I'm baffled by it's wide appeal among girls and young women who write het LOTR fiction. It's like witnessing the scene of an accident, really - it's hideous and disturbing but you just can't look away...

So, like any good researcher, I've begun my studies with a classification system, in which the Mary Sue can be readily identified.
So far I've determined that there are 3 basic LOTR Mary Sue types, with a 4th miscellaneous category for good measure.


LOTR Mary Sue Subtypes:

1. The "My Hot Elf Date" Mary Sue - one of the LOTR characters is brought to modern times and our girl is there to date him!

2. The "Pretty Elven Princess" Mary Sue - she's the daughter of a unknown king or a canon character and she's stunning!

3. The "Lost but Feisty Earth Girl" Mary Sue - she's been mysteriously transported to Middle-Earth, just in time for Mirkwood's prom!

4. COMING SOON: Miscellaneous LOTR Mary Sues - lesser known (but no less obnoxious) Middle-Earth Mary Sues.

Call me Raven Diamondheart: Classic LOTR Mary Sue Names
(actually found in fics at

Kiarrah Starfire

Ariandir Highdell

Lunoria Moonwatcher

Mrelda Aure


Lómelindi Evermind


Nienna, second daughter of Elrond
(one hates to tell her, but there already is a Nienna. She's a V ala and I wouldn't mess with her.)

Asfalini´l Lightstep

Carelia, Princess of Ravenstar

Fawn Springfrost

Alatia the Adventurer

Princess Pangaea

Kirilla Snow Maiden, Lady of the Forest

Lassilane Gainwink

Emma Silverblade


Cailet Elizabeth Winter


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