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Lovely Lost Earth Girl

Defining Characteristics:

1. This Sue is either mysteriously transported to Middle-Earth (only to immediately meet her love object) or is a Mortal girl/woman within the Tolkien universe.

2. More so than the other Sue types, this girl tends to be described as "spirited," "fiesty," or "strong-willed."

3. If from the future, the Sue often introduces canon characters to modern-day concepts and/or objects. (She just happens to have arrived with her backpack containing her CD player, which she gets Legolas to groove to.

4. If she is a Tolkien-style Mortal, she is Elven in her loveliness (thereby making her worthy of Elven love.)

5. The Sue either is granted immortality (if her love object is an Elf,) marries her Mortal, or takes her love object back to the future with her (where they get married and have lovely children.)


Specimen 1 (all typos are from the original text)

A new enemy that can only be beaten by a girl from the future threatens middle earth.Legolas goes in search of this girl, who turns out to be different
than anyone expected. 


Specimen 2 (all typos are from the original text)

Three months after Ryuu-Omoi, Legolas' birthday, which is also independence day happens! But when they launch the fireworks, they meat a mysterious girl! And this girl has awsome powers! 


Specimen 3 (all typos are from the original text)

In the middle of the highway, Dominique heard a strange noise. "Stupid car," she muttered as she pulled off the street. Taking her bag and purse with her, she walked out to inspect her car. She stopped mid-way. "Whoa," she whispered. A bright, dazzlingly white light was practically in font of her. Fascinated, Dominique walked towards the light, shielding her eyes. Yet instinctively she grabbed for her sapphire ring, safe in her pocket. The light suddenly enveloped her, taking her away to a far-off world, a different life....

Legolas stopped suddenly. A small pinprick of light was directly in front of him, and yet... The light suddenly began to expand, to about the size of a large bird, then to a hobbit-size, next to where a dwarf could fit perfectly in it, then to his own size. He raised an arm up to protect his eyes, then gasped. A girl, with long, dark golden hair flying and hazel eyes slightly squinted, appeared with one knee underneath her. One arm was supporting her in the back, and her face was full of surprise.

The light suddenly subsided, and Legolas could look at the girl face-to-face now. Her skin was tanned by the sun and she wore a strange outfit. Two bags, one larger than the other, lay beside her. Legolas couldn't help but think: She is the most extraordinary creature I've ever laid eyes on... but what is she? 


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