The "Pretty Elven Princess" Mary Sue 

Defining Characteristics:

1. The Sue is a stunningly beautiful Elf, belonging to either the nobility or (strangely given that there are no Elf kingdoms in the Third Age) royalty.

2. Great attention is given to describing the Sue's face, eye color (alwyas stunning or unusual), hair (typically long and braided), and clothing (often involving long flowing gowns that sparkle.)

3. The Sue is either the daughter of a canon character (e.g., Galadriel, Elrond) or the daughter of an heretofore unknown but powerful Elf king.

4. The Sue and her canon love interest meet at some Elven gathering (nearly always in Rivendell or Lothlorien.)

5. The canon love interest is overcome with the beauty and delicacy of the Sue and almost always wants to marry her.

6. Oten this type of Sue and her canon love interest will meet resistance from one or the other's parent.


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Specimen 1

Legolas walked up to the highest room in all Lórien. He stood there with his elbows rested on the windowsill, head in his hands. Legolas looked up, and saw the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen. It was an elf. A female elf. She was standing under the
archway, staring up at the stars, mesmerised. She had long, curly blonde hair, and was clothed all in black. By now, Legolas was more mesmerised by this girl than she was with the stars. A voice scared Legolas. It came from behind him. It wasn't Arwen this time. It was Lady Galadriel. "Lómelindi Evermind." Legolas was puzzled. "What?" "That elf you are staring at. Her name is Lómelindi Evermind. She's thinking of killing herself.


 Specimen 2

She stared at his handsome Elvish face and perfect features, speechless at the new feelings that coursed through her.

"I am sorry to have startled you in this manner." Legolas bowed his head apologetically, but couldn't take his eyes off the pure-faced girl in front of him. Her silken lengths of brown hair held tiny braids within their curling swirls. He forced himself to look away, awkwardly. 

Specimen 3

Once inside, the Hobbits looked up at Wren and were astonished.  Never had they seen a being so fair, for they had not yet beheld the Lady Arwen.  It was said, that of the two Ladies of Elrond's House, Arwen was the more beautiful if you preferred the dusk, Wren if you preferred the dawn.  Wren herself vehemently denied this, saying Arwen was the more fair either way, but where Arwen was called Evenstar, so Wren was called the Dawnstar.  However, the Hobbits at that moment believed that Wren must truly be the most lovely thing in all of Middle-Earth.

Though small for an Elf, Wren was still slender as a willow-wand, with skin slightly more golden than white.  Her eyes were the deep blue of the eastern sky just after the sun has set, and they glowed with the Elven light.  Her pale golden hair was braided back from her delicate face and held with a silver band.  She wore a gown of silver-green with a belt of silver links wrought in the shapes of leaves at her waist.  "There," she told them, not noticing their awe, "now you stand again within the House of Elrond.  I trust you can find your from here."


Specimen 4

Legolas' breath caught in his throat, and his heart gave a sudden jolt. He felt heat rise into his cheeks. She was more beautiful than any other elf maid he had ever set eyes on. Her white-blonde hair was caught up in a tiara made of slender, intertwining lengths of silver, and she wore a long white gown that swept the floor. Her skin was pale, and the two silver hoops she wore in each ear glinted like small cresent moons against her neck. Her face was incredible though; her eyes were grey blue like a winter sky, and her lashes were darker than any crow's feather. Her lips were pink, and curved into a slight smile. And though she looked frail and delicate, there was a quick and fiery essence about her, almost defiant.








The voice wa so angelic that Legolas almost lost sense of who he was. He took a step closer and stepped on a fallen branch which
snapped.~Damn~ The Girl turned around horrified... "No, Don't stop! That was beautiful... Rose?" The Girl relaxed. "Oh It's only you Legolas. I... I
thought it was... Oh never mind." ~she's quite pretty really...~ Legolas thought to him self, feeling abit fuzzy inside. He noticed she looked sad. He
walked over to the rock and leapt up next to her. He lay his hand on her trembling shoulder. "are you ok Lisse?" he asked, using his "Pet Name"
for her. She hung her beautiful head. "I don't want you to get offended or anything but I don't really feel much like talking about it at the
moment." she whispered. "It's ok. I know how you feel. Ivy just kicked me out." He told her a bit wistfully. She almost laughed. "well.. we both
have things that were not going to say for a while then..." "yes.. I think you are right. Maybe..." Legolas spoke quietly. Then he slid his arm round
her shoulders and they sat there for a while together.