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The "My Hot Elf Date" Mary Sue 

Defining Characteristics:

1. The Sue is a stunningly beautiful modern day teen or young woman.

2. The fic involves a canon Middle-Earth character being transported to the Sue's modern time and place.

3. The Sue helps the canon character adopt at least one modern day characteristic (e.g., baggy pants, short hair,etc.)

4. The canon character and the Sue go on some type of date and/or end up happily married in modern times.

Specimen 1 (all typos are from the original text)

The voice wa so angelic that Legolas almost lost sense of who he was. He took a step closer and stepped on a fallen branch which snapped.~Damn~ The Girl turned around horrified... "No, Don't stop! That was beautiful... Rose?" The Girl relaxed. "Oh It's only you Legolas. I... I thought it was... Oh never mind." ~she's quite pretty really...~ Legolas thought to him self, feeling abit fuzzy inside. He noticed she looked sad. He walked over to the rock and leapt up next to her. He lay his hand on her trembling shoulder. "are you ok Lisse?" he asked, using his "Pet Name" or her. She hung her beautiful head. "I don't want you to get offended or anything but I don't really feel much like talking about it at the moment." she whispered. "It's ok. I know how you feel. Ivy just kicked me out." He told her a bit wistfully. She almost laughed. "well.. we both have things that were not going to say for a while then..." "yes.. I think you are right. Maybe..." Legolas spoke quietly. Then he slid his arm round her shoulders and they sat there for a while together. 


Specimen 2 (all typos are from the original text)

"Ignore her." Nicole glanced at Findel who rolled her eyes. "It's a pleasure to meet you." She added sashaying over to Legolas and latching herself onto hir arm, shoving Findel out of the way.

"That's a very interesting name you have there. What is it? Spanish?" she fluttered her fake eyelashes at him and giggled with a fake bubbly personality. Findel slumped against the fencing on the bridge and folded her arms.

Legolas had been pin-pointed by Nicole and was her target. Findel knew that if Nicole got Legolas in her clutches using her fake personality and her 'charm' then he'd be lost on the point of no return.

"It's uh..." Legolas stopped and thought. He knew that Nicole had no idea what an Elf or what Elvish was. He needed Findel to help him out. He looked behind him pleadingly at Findel who shrugged. He was on his own.

"Yes?" Nicole giggled again.

"None of your business." He unhooked her arm from his own and took a step away from her. Findel stared at Legolas, were her ears and eyes deceiving her, or was the Elven prince not falling for Nicole's fake personality.