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Film images of Elrond and his children.

A genealogical chart for Elrond Peredhil.

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First Age

525 - born with his brother Elros at the Havens of Sirion to Elwing and Eärendil

529 (approx.) - Sack of the Havens of Sirion by Maglor and Maehdros; abduction of Elrond and Elros by Maglor

late First Age - found with Elros by Círdan and Gil-galad

583 - The War of Wrath; Morgoth is chained by the Valar; Beleriand is flooded, leaving the eastern land of Lindon as the coast of Middle Earth.

Second Age

1 - After the War of Wrath Elrond and Elros are given the choice to be numbered among the kindred of Men or the kindred of Elves. Elros chooses Men but Elrond decides to remain with the Elves. He travels east with Círdan and Gil-galad where they found Lindon and the Mithlond (The Grey Havens.) Gil-galad and Elrond live in the kingdom in the north (Forlindon) and Círdan maintains the Grey Haves in the south (Harlindon.)

1 - 2000 (approx.) - Lindon becomes the most important nation of Elves in Middle Earth. Under High King Gil-galad, elves of the Noldor and Sindar, as well as Green elves, live together in peace. Elrond serves as Gil-galad's minstrel and becomes a master of lore. He also apparently becomes a great captain in Gil-galad's army.

1200 (approx.) - Sauron comes into the west of Middle Earth as Annatar, The Lord of Gifts. Both Gil-galad and Elrond reject his offers to teach the Elves his craft. He moves on to settle with the Elves of Eregion where the Rings of Power are forged.

1690 - Sauron reveals his true purpose in forging the Rings of Power. The Elves hide the three from him.

1693 - Sauron begins his war with the Elves. Gil-galad sends Elrond to lead his army against Sauron.

1697 - Elrond, forced northward by Sauron, founds the Elven refuge of Imladris (Rivendell.) This becomes his permanent dwelling.

3430 - Gil-galad and Elendil found The Last Alliance of Elves and Men and propose to overthrow Sauron at last. The various armies spend three years in Rivendell, preparing for war.

3434 - The Battle of Dagorlad; The Alliance, including Elrond, fought one of the most significant battles of Middle Earth on a plain that stood before Mordor. Though they suffered great loss of life, the Alliance forces won the battle and Sauron was forced to retreat to his fortress of Barad-dûr.

3441 - After seven years of siege, Gil-galad and Elendil face Sauron. Elrond, Isildur and Círdan are next to them. Gil-galad and Elendil are slain and Isildur cuts the ring from Sauron's finger, forcing his spirit to flee. The army of Sauron is defeated. Elrond and Círdan urge Isildur to destroy the ring, but he takes it as a token of the war. Elrond returns to Minas Tirith with Isildur.

Third Age

2 - Elrond returns to Rivendell. Isildur, after putting affairs in order in Minas Tirith, begins his journey to Rivendell, where his wife and youngest son have been staying. He takes with him his three oldest sons, and a small company of soldiers . When they reach the Gladden Fields along the Anduin, they are waylaid by orcs. Isildur puts on the ring and escapes into the river, but the ring slips off his finger and he becomes visible. He is killed by orc arrows and the ring is lost.

109 - Elrond weds Celebrian, daughter of Celeborn and Galadriel.

early Third Age - Elrond's twin sons, Elladan and Elrohir, are born at Rivendell.

241 - Elrond's daughter, Arwen Undomiel, is born at Rivendell.

2463 - The formation of The White Council, whose members include Galadriel, Celeborn, Elrond, Círdan, Gandalf, and Saruman.

2510 - Elrond's wife Celebrian is attacked by orcs in the Misty Mountains as she journeys to Lothlórien. She is rescued by Elladand and Elrohir, who bring her back to Rivendell. Elrond heals her physical wounds, but she never recovers emotionally from the attack and sails into West during this year.

2933 - Death of Arathorn II; Aragorn comes to live at Rivendell and is given the psuedonym "Estel" or "Hope" by Elrond, who conceals the boy's heritage from him but holds the shards of his father's sword for the day Aragorn will need them.

2953 - The last meeting of The White Council.

3018 - The Hobbits arrive in Rivendell in October The Council of Elrond is held at which all of the "free peoples" of Middle Earth are represented, save the Ents. Elrond forms the Fellowship of the Ring. In December the Fellowship sets forth from Rivendell on its journey to destroy the One Ring.

3019 - Sometime in March Elladan and Elrohir ride with the Dúnedain to Rohan, where they join forces with King Theoden, Gandalf, Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, and Merry. Elrond sends with them a message for Aragorn concerning The Paths of the Dead; Arwen sends a standard for Aragorn which she has woven. In May, Elrond, Arwen, and a company of Elves journeys from Rivendell to Minas Tirith for the wedding of Arwen to Aragorn, now King Elessar. In June the Elves ride back to Rivendell with the Hobbits who stay there until September.

3021 - Elrond leaves Rivendell for the last time and joins the other Ringbearers at the Grey Havens where they set sail for the Undying Lands in the West.

Fourth Age

early Fourth age - Elladan and Elrohir, who have chosen to become mortal, remain in Rivendell after their father departs Middle Earth; at some point Celeborn, who has remained behind Galadriel, comes to live with them for a time